This will show you what steps we take at Majestic Homes And Remodeling LLC.
 Once we take a phone call or email, we get the initial information and set an appointment to look at your project.
What will it cost?
 Unlike new construction, per square foot cost are not very meaningful on most remodeling projects. The one exception to this is the whole house remodel where the cost can average $160.00 per square foot assuming a new kitchen and bathrooms. For smaller projects, it is a little tougher to figure based on square footage.
Compare remodeling to buying a new car. A new kitchen can cost about the same as a new full size car and just as with a car,you can go with the full size sedan or with the luxury roadster with all the "bells and whistles".
Studies by various national publications and industry associations have indicated that remodeling kitchens and bathrooms have provided the best return on investment for home improvements, returning anywhere from 75 - 100% in increased value to the homeowner.
Figuring the cost of a remodeling project comes with experience and the use of estimating software.
"How much will this cost" That is always the big question. There is a lot more involved than just looking at the job and saying "Oh, that will be about $10,000". Although you will find contractors that will do that, beware of those contractors. You may get hit with additional cost throughout the project or they may just stop working when they realize there isn't any money left. Getting bids from more than one contractor is not a bad idea,but make sure the bids are for the same project. One contractor may be figuring in things that another contractor is not. One could be planning on using higher quality materials than the other. Don't just compare the bottom lines of the estimate. Look at each line and make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.
At MHAR our initial estimate will be a price range. We can not figure the bottom line until we know exactly what you want. On our first visit to your house we will go over the scope of the project and your ideas to come up with the price range. Then we see if it fits your budget, before spending the hours it takes to figure out the bottom line number. If the price range fits your budget and you want to continue working with MHAR, we require you to sign a Design Agreement and give us a deposit. (See Design Phase)
Getting started
 People come to the decision to remodel in many ways:
  • We've lived with this kitchen(bathroom,ect) for years and now that the kids are gone, we want to bring it up to date.
  • Only one burner still works on this cooktop and as long as we are replacing it , we should look at the whole kitchen.
  • We bought the house for the location, but the inside needs help
  • We no longer need as many bedrooms and want to spoil ourselves with a luxury master suite.
  • The house is too small and we want to add some space
Remodeling allows you to customize your living space to really fit your needs, while at the same time being able to stay in the neighborhood you have chosen. You can usually keep the basic structure intact, while at the same time improving the function and the traffic flows of the home.
 The first steps you should take in the design process is to create a folder or notebook to accumulate ideas which appeal to you. Clip pictures, articles, ect. you like (even if you are not sure what you like about them). Over a period of time,this will help a designer to determine your taste and preferences.
The next step in the process is to chose a designer and a design firm to work with. The best place to start with this is to talk to friends who have done a remodel and been happy with the project. Some remodelers have designers that they work with on a regular basis. Talk to their designers and get a feel for them. Look for a designer that you "click" with. While this seems fairly subjective, you will know right away when you encounter one who seems to be on your "wave length"
MHAR is a design/build firm, which means we will normally be responsible for the execution of the designs which we generate. We feel this provides the client with distinct advantages. First, since we are general contractors, we are intimately familiar with cost and are able to design to budget, allowing us to work with you to optimize your design desires within your budget.
 Second, design/build, keeps the responsibility for implementation of your design with your contractor instead of placing you in the middle between the designer and the contractor.
Before you make a decision on which firm to go with, you should check the references of the firms you are considering. Ask for some references on projects similar in scope to the one you are considering. While companies do not normally list someone their reference list unless they will give you positive feedback, talking to the people will allow you to ask probing questions such as: "How did they respond when something went wrong?" ( and believe me there is rarely a project of any size where there are not bumps in the road)
 Conceptual Design Phase
 When we first meet with you we will be discussing what you hope to achieve with your project and going over how the process will unfold. We will get an idea of your design taste and a price range for the project. To this point there is no financial obligation to you. It is still considered part of the selection process.
 Once you have chosen a remodeler, you will probably be ask to enter into some kind of contractual agreement for completion of the design phase of the project. The fees for such work can vary from a few hundred dollars to as much as 10% of the projects value. you should make sure that this part of the relationship with your chosen designer is documented so that there is a clear understanding as to what design work is to be performed and what the ultimate cost will be.
At MHAR, we ask for a design agreement and deposit that ranges from $1500.00 to $3000.00 of the estimated cost depending on the scope of the work which is envisioned. At the time we receive the deposit, we enter into a signed design agreement outlining the responsibility of both parties. At this point we are ready to begin actual plans and specifications of your project.
 Initially, our staff will prepare "as built" drawings of the existing spaces to be impacted by your remodeling project and the designer will work up alternative designs to review with you. At this point, some preliminary decisions will be made concerning cabinet styles,appliance types, fixtures and general specifications.
once these roughs have been worked into a single design, actual floor plans will be prepared and products which are to be included will be specified.
Plans And Specifications
 This process will usually take several meetings between you and the designer and you will likely be assigned "homework" to pick out fixtures and appliances between meetings.
 Our philosophy at MHAR is to "plan our work and then work our plan", so we will resist rushing into starting a project before all critical decisions are made. We have learned that nothing causes cost and time lines to spin out of control like the lack of adequate planning prior to starting a project. Our specifications are extremely detailed, spelling out each fixture and appliance( by manufacture and model number) as well as molding profiles, cabinet pulls, laminate colors, ect.
 The pace of this part of the adventure will be largely up to you and your schedule, but will likely take one to three months. At the end of that time, you and your designer will have a completed set of drawings and a complete set of specifications from which the project can be built. You will also have a firm, fixed price amount for which MHAR will complete the project.
 Contract Signing
 Once all the plans and specifications are ready, we are ready to sign a contract. We have designed our contracts to spell out both our responsibilities and yours, keeping it simple and practical. The plans and specifications become an integral part of the contract. The contract also spells out the payment terms and our two year warranty.
 Once a contract is signed, there is usually a four to six week period before construction actually starts to allow for ordering of materials, obtaining permits and job scheduling.
 The first step in the construction process is to prepare a time line to show all the steps involved in the completion of the project and plots them onto a calender. This allows us to coordinate our materials, subcontractors and staff in order to keep the project moving once it begins. The time line will also help answer many questions you may have concerning job schedule and its impact on your personal schedules.
 About one week prior to the time work actually begins on your home, we will have a preconstruction meeting to go over the time line and make sure all preparations have been made so that we can start. At this time we can review the location of critical controls such as electrical panel, water shut off, ect and the disposition of existing cabinets, fixtures and appliances. we will also review site protection with you and go over things which you can do to help reduce the effect on your normal routine.
 When the big day arrives that work actually starts, Our team will spend time protecting non-impacted areas and closing off the work area to try to minimize the effect on the rest of your home. When they are satisfied that the protection is complete, the tear out will begin.
 From there the job will progress start to completion. With some exceptions most find that it is possible to remain in their homes during the entire process. This obviously becomes more challenging as the scope of the project increases and more of the house becomes impacted.
 The typical project takes approximately 3 - 16 weeks to reach the point where you can move back into your newly remodeled area.
 a project is considered to have reached the point of "substantial completion" when it is ready to be used for its intended purpose. This means that all fixtures and appliances are installed and working and our team is no longer visiting you on a daily basis.
 After you have been able to use your new space for a few days, we will walk through with you and prepare a "punch list" of any items that still need attention and/or correction. Only when these items have been cleared, will the final payment be due.
 The MHAR Warranty
 At MHAR , we feel that when we do a project with someone that they should have a reasonable expectation that the products and workmanship that went into it should be a level of quality that will last for some time to come.
 Our warranty covers the entire project ( except appliances and fixtures which normally have a manufactures warranty, and stress cracks in sheetrock caused by settling) For a period of two years.
 Once we form a relationship with a client, it is our hope that it will be one which will last long into the future and we, therefore, will be there to work with you when a problem does arise.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the remodeling process and Majestic Homes And Remodeling LLC. We encourage you to take the next step on your adventure by contacting us.
 Charles Clark   573-489-0992
If you are looking for a professional company for your home remodeling needs, you have found it. Majestic Homes and Remodeling can take care of any of your remodeling needs.
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