Kitchen planning takes alot of time and alot of thought. Majestic Homes And Remodeling LLC can help you with every step and every decision. We can schedule an appointment with one of our interior decorators or designers that we work with. A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming if you try to go at it alone. MHAR will lead you through the process to make it less stressful for you and your family. Just remember this quote "The pain of every change is forgotten when the benefits are realized"
Kitchen Planning Questionnaire
This questionnaire is geared to provide us with information to design an idea kitchen suited for you and your family.
1. How many people eat at home on a daily basis?____________
2. How many people eat at home for:
3. Who is the primary cook?________________________________
4. Is the primary cook right or left handed?_____________________
5.Does the primary cook have any physical limitations?_______________________
6.Is there a secondary cook?________________________
7.Is the secondary cook right or left handed? _________
   Does the secondary cook have any physical limitations?_____________________
8. Do any other family members help with coking or meal preparation?____________
9.How does the family use the kitchen?
         ___ Daily heat and serve meals     ___Daily full corse meals
         ___ Weekend quantity cooking       ___ Weekend family meals
10. How often and for how many do you entertain formally?______________________
11.When guest are over,do you like them to visit with you while you cook or help you cook?_________________________________________________________________
12. Do you do or want to do any of the following? If so, will you need any special preparation area?
   ___Can   ___ Make pasta   ___ Make stock   ___ Bake   ___ Make candy
   ___ Dehydrate food   ___ Make Ice cream   ___ Other__________________
13. Is the kitchen a socializing space?__________________________________
14. What kind of access would you like your kitchen to have to adjacent rooms?
15.What do you least like about your present kitchen?
16. What do you most like about your present kitchen?
17.What are the reasons you would want to change your kitchen?
18. What appliances do you least like to work with and why?
19.What appliances do you like to work with the most and why?
20. Would you do any different type of cooking if you had a new kitchen?
Kitchen planning and designing information
Pull out shelves for canned goods, pots&pans and other kitchen items in pantry cabinets and other kitchen cabinets has become increasingly popular do to convenience and ease of use, however some storage space gets sacrificed due to the design.... a general rule of thumb: with maximum storage space you get less convenient access. With maximum access and convenience you will get less space.
1. In considering your cabinet design and storage,which do you prefer?
 ____ Ease of use and convenience  ____ maximum storage space
 ____ A mixture of both         ____ Not sure yet
2. Do you want to provide space in your new kitchen to recycle any of the following? If yes, please indicate which.
 ___ Plastic   ___ Bottles   ___ Newspapers   ___ Scrap paper   ___ Cans
 ___ Magazines   ___ Other
3. Counter top height:
     More than one height in a kitchen is considered good design and lends interest. Do you have any preferences?
 ___ 34"   ___ 36"   ___ 38"   ___ Varying heights
4. Appliances:
    Refrigerator Preferences
 ___ 36" standard  ___ 36" side by side   ___ 42" side by side   
 ___ 48" side by side    ___ Standard depths(30"-33")
 ___ Euro style (same depth as cabinets)  ___ Reuse existing   ___ Other
 Please indicate accessories you would like on your refrigerator.
  ___ Ice maker   ___ Ice maker and water dispenser in door
  ___ Filtered water to refrigerator
 Cooktop preferences:
  ___ Electric   ___Gas   ___Electric/griddle downdraft   ___ Gas/downdraft
  ___ Jenair   ___Magnetic Induction  ___ Halogen  ___30"  ___36"  ___ 42"
 Oven preferences:
  ___Electric   ___Gas   ___Single   ___Double   ___Wall location
  ___ Under counter location
 Range preferences:
  ___Electric free standing   ___Electric slide in   ___Gas free standing
  ___Gas slide in   ___Dual fuel cooktop oven   ___Six burner double oven
  ___30"   ___36"   ___42"  ___48"   ___Other
  Microwave preferences:
  ___Standard microwave   ___Convection MW   ___Cobination / hood
  ___Locate on countertop   ___Locate below countertop
  ___In upper cabinets on shelf   ___Under upper cabinets with trim kit
  ___In upper cabinets with trim kit (built in look)
  Hood preferences:
  ___Designer type(Brass,Copper)  ___Hidden in cabinet  ___Simple,functional   
  ___Downdraft   ___Fan in ceiling or wall   ___Microwave/hood combo
  ___ No hood
  Dishwasher preferences:
  ___Standard dishwasher   ___ Euro style (slightly smaller in height)
  ___ Special features_______________________________________
  Other appliance preferences:
  ___Trash compactor   ___Disposal   ___Warming shelf   ___More heat(cold area)
5. What type of feeling would you like your new kitchen to have?
6.What colors do you like?_______________________________________________
   What colors do you dislike?_____________________________________________
7. Do you want to relocate or change doors,window or walls?____________________
8. Which if any,of the following would you like in your kitchen:
  ___Study area   ___Appliance garage   ___Computer   ___ Telephone
  ___Plants/herbs   ___Laundry area   ___Skylights   ___Recycling area(storage)
  ___Sewing area   ___Stereo   ___Cookbook storage   ___Ironing board
  ___Television   ___Menu planning area   ___Patio door   ___More windows
  ___Larger windows   ___Other_____________________________________
  Plumbing fixtures:
 Sink:Please indicate the type of finish you would like on your sink(If you plan on 2 sinks, mark your selection with 1 or 2)
  ___Stainless steel   ___Cast iron   ___Corion   ___Other____________________
  ___Water filter   ___Soap dispenser   ___Instant hot water   ___Disposal
 Faucets: Please indicate finish.
  ___Chrome   ___Brass   ___Nickle   ___Bronze   ___Color___________________
  ___W/separate pullout sprayer   ___Euro pullout style(Head)   ___Other__________
 Please indicate the cabinet style and finishes you are interested in.
  ___Oak   ___Cherry   ___Maple   ___Hickory   ___Painted   ___Stained
  ___White thermofoil   ___Natural    ___Other____________________________
  ___Traditional cabinet style   ___Contemporary cabinet style
  ___Glass/door panels   ___Open shelving  ___Custom Built   ___Factory built
9. Have you made any decisions for finishes on the following? If so please indicate(example: tile,vinyl,wood solid surface,oak, ect...)
  Countertop material____________________________________________________
  Backsplash material___________________________________________________
  Wall finishes_________________________________________________________
10. Lighting: For each area,please indicate your lighting preferences.
(Hanging Pendant-HP) (Recessed-R) (Ceiling surface mount-CSM) (Florescent-F)
(Halogen-H) (Dimmer Control-DC)
  _____Table   _____Over sink   _____General area   _____Undercabinet
  _____Desk area   _____Island
If you are looking for a professional company for your home remodeling needs, you have found it. Majestic Homes and Remodeling can  take
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